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1911 Reading Standard

1912 Flying Merkel
Big Twin



Joseph Merkel was a pioneer in the early days of the motorcycle industry. He designed and engineered many features that other manufacturers did not try to use for decades later. His motorcycles had front and rear suspension. His front forks were strong and used for decades later on racing motorcycles. his engines had bearings instead of bronze bushings and his speeds were far higher than rival Harley Davidson and Indians of the same period.

This Big Twin was found in original, all born at the factory condition by Flying Merkel expert restorationist Jon Viljoen and was painstakingly restored to be his personal motorcycle. It is considered the finest restored example of a Flying Merkel and is also is a Concours Winner. There is one tiny flaw in the painted finish of this incredible machine that must be pointed out. Otherwise not noticeable to even a trained eye. This machine has resided in the current owners personal residence and is now available to acquire. 

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