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Steve Klein, Owner
Veritas vintage Motors
Austin, TX

   Sierra Madre Motorcycle Company was originally founded 42+ years ago and always had  focused on providing clients a very professional, personalized, predictable and enjoyable experience when seeking to acquire or sell rare motorcycles. In 2020 Steve Klein acquired the company and continued its mission. In January 2023 the company was rebranded as Veritas Vintage Motors. Veritas Latin definition is"truth" & "reality." We all know that far too many collectible machines today are misrepresented by owners, brokers and/or auctions as to whether they were born at the factory, what parts are all real or replacement, any restoration or prior ownership history, and other factors that collectors and investors consider when purchasing rarer machines. Klein is well known throughout the classic motorcycle world for his distaste of such misrepresentation. 

   At Veritas we constantly monitor the market and know where the machines are whether you seek an original unmolested survivor, a restoration project, an extremely nice rider, or a high level all correct restoration. The result of our passion is an exemplary list of individuals, family estates, collectors, museums and events that have utilized us in North America and abroad. We are very thorough in evaluating the details, merits, condition and history of each machine and will always communicate honestly to all parties. All relationships are valued regardless of size and all negotiations and transactions are kept extremely private with no publicized values, and no long list of unnecessary fees and costs associated with auctions.  We handle the entire transaction from beginning to finish and deliver your machine personally. If at any time the buyer experience is unsatisfactorily or the machine is not as represented all funds will be refunded. 

   If you are looking for a specific marque and model, are wishing  to add to or upgrade your existing collection, wish to plan the disposition of any machines, or wish to showcase high value machines in an exhibit, please contact us. 

For the Love of the Sport;

Steve Klein

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