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1911 Reading Standard

1912 Peirce
Big Head Twin Cam


Pierces are considered the “World’s Most Elegant Motorcycle Design.” The frame is an oversized slightly oblong 3.5” tubing that is copper plated inside to allow the top and front tube to be the gasoline tank and the rear downtube the oil tank. The motor is a stress member much like modern machines today.  Production was short lived as machines were too high of quality and too expensive to build at a profit. Pierce 4 cylinders are far more prevalent today as they were rather hard to drive having no clutch, and therefore remained intact through the last 100 years.


Pierce single cylinder machines are far rarer as they got ridden, worn out, wrecked and scavenged for parts. This machine is the even rarer larger displacement Big Head with Twin Cams to allow the buyer “the Power of a Twin in a Single.”

The twin cams give this large displacement single a cocky resonance from its original exhaust. Only a couple thousand Pierce’s were built from 1910-1914.


This machine  was restored in the early 80's and is all correct with the exception of the front forks and handlebars were chrome plated instead of just nickel plating. The paint does have minor scratches and chips but still has considerable depth of shine and looks beautiful in its present state. The machine is completely inspected, cleaned, serviced and sports new tubes and tires. It is capable of being ridden far faster than anyone should on clincher tires. A rare offering that will be cherised to display as well as ride.

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