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1911 Reading Standard

1942 Crocker
Steve Huntzinger Restoration 

Crocker #42-61-310 is also an all real, all born at the factory superbike, verified by The Crocker Registry, that has spent its entire life in California. The machine was recently meticulously restored by Steve Huntzinger to perfection and only has 14.9 dial-in miles on the restored  original Corbin speedometer. The only non-factory parts on this restoration are 4 big head bolts that had to be machined from scratch and of course such items as speedometer cable and front brake cable. The handgrips and rubber footboards are the last new stock left from the original Crocker factory. Even the tires are brand new old stock 1942 Firestones. The cantilevered seat bracket is one of only six utilized on Crockers.

The authenticity and quality of this restoration is parallel with Crocker #1X (First Crocker built and used as a prototype for testing) which sold privately by invitation only 12-14 years ago for $1M. This is the "Last Crocker Built" and  would make an incredible focal point for any collection in the world.

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