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1904 ER Thomas

1910 Harley Davidson Model 6

This 1910 HD is very special. It was all born at the factory and survived another 113 years in great part to very passionate past owners who preserved her history and condition. This model 6 is very correctly in every detail and exquisitely restored. Of 3,168 motorcycles built in 1910, 2,302 were single cylinder Model 6. By the end of 1910 Harley Davidson has only produced just over 6,100 machines. Although still rare, 1912 and later models are available today in far greater numbers as a result. 

This 4 hp machine was built in battery electric form with no magneto. It has leather belt drive and first year idler pulley to allow the rider to disengage the power to the rear wheel as opposed to killing the engine when stopping. It also sports a first year “new grey paint color” with thin horsehair hand applied Carmine pinstripes. This is also the first year of control cables within the handlebars and the HD Bar and Shield Logo. 

I have personally only seen three correct 1910 Harley Davidsons in the last 35 years. This being the nicest example by far. It was restored in 1978 by Ty Cruze, founder of Custom Chrome. The only parts not original to the machine are the two fenders, which had to be made as the originals were in very poor condition. An original paint part was sent to a paint factory for analysis and they formulated an exact match. The tires are not reproductions. Cruze located the original tire molds and had these tires made at a cost of $500 each. A huge expense in the late 70’s when no reproduction parts were available. None of the engine fins or other components were chipped, cracked, missing, or worn. There is no tank decal. It was hand painted as was originally done in the factory. This machine would make an exceptional addition to any private collection or museum. Additional photography and a video of it running are available to serious collectors. 

For the Love of the Sport;

Steve Klein

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