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1904 ER Thomas

1913 Harley Davidson Model 9b

In 1913 The Motor Company offered three models. The 9A Single w/ belt drive, 9B single w/ chain drive and the 9E was a twin cylinder. The single was also called the 5-35, 5hp & 35 C.I. There were 4,601 Model B’s produced of 12,966 in 13 bringing HD production numbers to almost 21,000 units by the end of its first decade. All 1913 machines had 28” x 2 ¾” clincher tires, a Bosch magneto, Ful-Floting Saddle and Free-Wheel Control. 


The oldest known owner of this machine was Dan Coleman from Washington State who found it in LA in 1968. Coleman restored it, showed and rode it occasionally at events. He was a friend of Bud Ekins who was well known for holding annual gatherings in LA with friends to play with their pre-teen and teens motorcycles. It stayed in his living room for 38 years. In 2006 it changed ownership and in 2009 underwent a full concours restoration where it was determined that Coleman had someone fabricate the left side of the tank and the front rim. All the rest of the motorcycle were factory born. The motor was restored by Tom Holhaus and cylinder and case numbers match. Specifications are 34.47 C.I., 564 cc’s, 4.5 hp, direct chain drive, rear bicycle coaster brake, with a wheelbase of 56 ½”. It weighs 316 lbs., holds 1.5 gallons gas, 3.5 qt. oil and had a top speed of 50 mph. Original sales price was $290.

The overall appearance of this concours restoration of an extremely real machine is still stunning. It would make an exceptional addition to any discerning collector or museum. Additional photography and video of it running are available to discerning collectors.

For the Love of the Sport;

Steve Klein

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