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1904 ER Thomas

1914 Fielbach Limited

Arthur Otto Fielbach and brother William started building motorcycles outside Milwaukee WI in 1904 in a small wood building very similar to The Harley and Davidson boys. They first built 350 cc singles in small numbers, but with very high quality and precision fit. In 1907 they relocated the company inside city limits building 3 in 1907, 5 in 1908, and 7 in 1909. In 1910 Fielbach increased the bore and stroke, added mechanically actuated inlet valves, a magneto, and springs in the front fork and sold 9 more. In 1912 with the backing of a

Milwaukee businessman, Fielbach Motor Company was formed and production soared to 75 machines. In 1913 he debuted his twin cylinder 1,130 cc motor with offset cylinders and vastly more power. The Milwaukee Police Department used many of his 1913/1914 production from 1914-1916. However, 1914 would be Fielbach’s last year after his significant investment losses experimenting with a shaft drive and two speed gearbox (none known to exist) and his ongoing inability to raise more capital to expand. 

Fielbach Limited’s are extremely high quality, over engineered and beautiful machines when compared to higher volume companies like Harley Davidson and Indian. Today only five Fielbach’s are known to exist. Veritas Vintage Motors (formerly Sierra Madre Motorcycle Company) has represented and/or owned all five Fielbach at one time or another over the last 42 years. Three are restored, one is a partial sympathetic restoration and only this machine is still in its stunning original condition. It even has its original 1914 tires from the factory. The only visible signs of time are small scratches and chips in painted surfaces, beautifully aged nickel plating and a hole in the rear tire. A new set of exact correct, never been mounted, Firestone diamond patterned tires will be included should the new owner wish to ride this very exclusive piece of American transportation history. A complete ownership history is recorded as well. I intend to service it soon, tune it, and provide enthusiasts a video of an authentic Fielbach Limited back on the road. 

For The Love of the Sport;

Steve Klein

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